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What Will Happen Next?

Watch each video clip and see if you can guess what will happen next!


-Directions for adults:

     -Pause the video when the question pops up.

     -Ask the student the question or have them read it aloud.

     -Practice using full sentences with "future words", such as in the following examples:

            -He is going to fall into the water.    He will fall into the water.

            -They are going to catch a fish.     They will catch a fish.

     -You can model good complete sentences and future tense by making your own guesses.

     -Play the video and watch to see if anyone guessed it.

     -Pause the video to talk about what did happen.  Practice using complete sentences and good "past words", such as in the following examples:

             -Yes, he fell into the water.

             -No, they didn't catch a fish.  They caught a boot.



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