What is a sensory motor break?

     A sensory motor break is a short/quick break from the current task that provides an opportunity for one to move and awaken or reorganize the sensory system to improve a student’s focus and attention in order to maximize learning.

Sensory motor breaks can be integrated into a daily classroom routine or can be used spontaneously.


Check out our Quick and Easy for activities to try with your students at their table/desk, while standing or when moving from place to place.


Use the 5-10 minute Classroom Sensory-Motor Breaks for planned break times throughout the day. 


Quick & Easy 

Classroom Sensory-Motor Breaks



Quick sensory-motor tasks that can be used between, during, or when transitioning between a learning activity to regain or keep focus. 

5 to 10 minute 

Classroom Sensory-Motor Breaks




Sensory-motor activities and games that can be used for planned and unplanned activity times during the day when your class needs to be re-focued. 

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